Processes and Controls

Controls and Processes Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity controls are your organisation’s processes to protect against dangerous network vulnerabilities and data hacks.
Organisations cyber security controls are designed to detect and manage threats to network data.

As technology evolves, there will always be new threats and vulnerabilities, and controls are implemented to reduce the overall threat.

Cybersecurity controls can also consist of physical protection techniques, such as requiring a certain level of identification to access some data, using physical screens so documents can not be removed from a reception desk, or using frosted films on windows to prevent outsiders from viewing employees computers monitors

What we do differently

Cypro will take out the cyber security overwhelm and provide you with step-by-step processes to implement the online security that you need so let’s look at what these broadly are.

What are the most effective cybersecurity controls?

There are many recommendations on the best cybersecurity controls to protect the most sensitive data on your network. We have made them manageable by dividing them into three types of cybersecurity controls on which you can focus your efforts:

Your Trained Staff

A trained cyber security team with clearly defined roles will be able to deal with unexpected threats to your network without affecting business operations. Your cyber team will be key to security performance management, as it is the team members responsible for responding to vulnerabilities in your systems, interpreting data and making the right decisions to prevent data breaches.

The cybersecurity controls also include the involvement of the board of directors and senior management.


Technology Controls

Once you have assembled the right cybersecurity team, you must ensure that you use the right tools. Automated tools and technology will best enable your team to protect your network, especially if your company is expecting rapid growth and expansion to include more offices, incorporate more vendors, and exponentially increasing the attack surface.

Technology that offers continuous monitoring technology provides a consistent view of the actual state of your network. This means you are immediately aware of new threats within the attack surface and can act quickly to protect the business.

Your Data

The final cybersecurity control that is important in defending against cybersecurity threats is the data on which your team relies.

Data and information protection is the most technical part as it is gathered from different sources. It must be properly managed and protected every step of the way.

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