Risk Analysis

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Understanding the Significance of Third-Party Risk Assessments

Why does it matter? Understanding third-party risk assessment is crucial to all organisations due to the frequent reliance on third-party...

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Cyber security, costs or profit center

Cybersecurity is often seen as a cost to a business because it is an investment that is not perceived to...

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BIA report

What is a “BIA”?

1.    Business Impact Assessment “Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a methodical approach used to evaluate the possible consequences of a...

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Do I need a maturity assessment?

Many organisations don’t fully understand their cyber security posture, business risks, and how to address them. It is like a...

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Overview of Assessment Methodology 1.    BENEFITS OF ASSESSMENT The vulnerability assessments and surveys provided by Cypro are an integral part...

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A funny story about habits.

I was running a security awareness training session for some executives of one of our customers recently, when I put...

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